Fine Dining in
Northern France

Fast Food Restaurants

When traveling to France one should be out of his mind to demise the gastronomic delicacies this country is offering. In general you can lunch (almost) as cheap in a restaurant, Estaminet or Brasserie than in a hamburger restaurant. And in any case, you will eat healthier and tastier.

Do you fancy a slightly different burger, you can also look out for the typical restaurants of the Buffalo Grill, which are open all day, 7/7, until late at night.

These restaurants are all built in the same "cowboy and Indian" style and all have the same menu, which you can access on the Internet, where you will also find the addresses. The interiors of the Buffalo Grill restaurants is all similar, with lots of dark burgundy (fake) leather and  pictures, ornaments and artifacts yhat will bring you in a Far West mood.

At Buffalo Grill everyone gets a free salad, and the cheapest all-inclusive menu, where you have a choice of three entrees and a dessert OR a drink, is called the Pony Express and costs only € 7.90.  (£6.60 !)You can even get a glass of fine wine for that humble sum!

Buffalo Grill lives to its name with a couple of dishes with Bison Meat, and the kids eat for only €4.90. (£4.00 !)

At Buffalo Grill one can eat cheap, and it is a lot better and healthier than eating at a hamburger stand. The waiters even ask how you prefer your hamburger is cooked, and if you're in a hurry, notify the waiter while ordering, your order will be given priority!

Website Buffalo Grill

Another chain of restaurant  where you  can eat out for a fiver per person is that of Flunch. A menu du jour is only € 6.00 (yes, you read that correctly: SIX EURO or FIVE QUID) and for that amount you get "the dish of the day", with meat, vegetables and a drink. Also a lot healthier than the chip shop.

The resto's Flunch are usually located in a hypermarket of a supermarket chain. The hours are the same as the associated supermarket, usually until 8PM, sometimes until 10PM.

JMore info on the website of FLUNCH.

If you fancy a (piece of) pizza, try your luck at PIZZA PAÏ.

And for those you can not live without their trusty Big Mac, one can always find the addresses on the internet. Both McDonald (in french lingo "MacDo") and Quick have a number of restaurants in Le Nord et Pas de Calais.

De Panne (BE)
11 november, 2010

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Practical advice on your holiday to France

Estaminet "La Péniche"
cultural restaurant in a converted barge,
62340 Guînes

Restaurant "Le Grand Air"
spectacular location on the Mont de Fiennes, with panoramic view over Calais and the English Channel,
62132 Fiennes

Restaurant "Gare des Années Folles"
theme-restaurant in an old railway station,
62840 Sailly sur la Lys

Estaminet "L' Hazewinde"
Flemish restaurant,
regional specialties,
59114 Saint Sylvestre-Cappel

Brasserie "L' Ocean"
situated on the seafront,
62152 Hardelot-Plage

Fish Soup "Pérard"
fishmongers, restaurant, oyster bar in the fashionable Paris-Plage,
62520 Le Touquet

Brasserie "Le Chatillon"
Port restaurant,
62200 Boulogne Sur Mer

Hotel- Restaurant
"Le Fontainebleau"

egional specialties,
62610 Ardres

Fast Food Resto's
Buffalo Gril (recommended)
Flunch, Pizza Paï,
McDonalds, Quick
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