Estaminet La Peniche, Guines - France Review By PoPoL, Rating: 4.5 out of 5. Verdict: for those in search of "Riparian Entertainment"

Fine Dining in
Northern France

Estaminet "La Péniche"
62340 Guînes

Just outside the northern French town of Guinness (that has nothing to do with the beer or the world records), on a channel from Calais to Guînes floats a converted barge that was christened "La Peniche".

This barge serves not only as a restaurant, there are also art exhibitions and musical performances held here.

We visited La Peniche on such a musical evening. Although all tables were fully booked, the quality of the food and the service was impeccable. Kudos to the diligent manageress, who treats her customers as true guests.

The menu is a reflection of the Flemish cuisine, the French Flemish cuisine, that is. Do not expect artificial menus with crawfish or other exotic gadgets: this menu features seven starters, nine main courses and seven desserts. For the little ones, there is a children's menu (at €8.50 - £7.00) offering the young gourmand a choice of two dishes each. This three-course children's menu offers real value for money.

We ourselves enjoyed at "La Peniche" the following courts:

- friture d' éperlans: crispy fried smelt which were baked in their entirety. Including heads, fins, tails and bones. As the fish were at most two inches long, this was not annoying. A delicious appetizer!

- flamiche au sable de Wissanta savory leek tart with fragrant cheese from their own region. Quite a heavy appetizer, perfect for the "big eater".

- waterzoï de volaille: a variation of the Belgian Waterzooi. (chicken casserole) A large piece of chicken breast (chicken label from the home region "Poulet de Liques") in a mild sauce. Was presented with a portion of rice.

- potchvleesh: a typical Flemish dish called "potty meat". Potty Meat is a cold dish, and consists of chunks of pickled chicken, rabbit, veal and pork, all held together in a transparent gelatin sauce.

- carbonade Flamandethe world famous Flemish beef-stew that -how else- was served with french fries.

- crème brulée: needs no translation or explanation.

- assortiments de fromages régionauxan assortment of local cheeses. France has lots of cheeses to offer, but even with the regional cheeses from the "North"  you can have a sweet time.

The food at La Peniche is of good quality, you will not leave the table hungry, the portions are quite large. The card is very budget-friendly: a first course costs on average €4.20 (£3.50), a main course will cost you between € 7.20 and € 10.70 (£6.00 - £9.00) and the most expensive dessert on the card is € 4.20. (£3.50)

Verdict: "La Peniche" is a must for those who wants to discover the traditional Franco-Flemish kitchen for little money and want to do so in an original setting.

In the summer you can eat or have a drink on deck. Going on an evening when a musical accompaniment is provided, you pay € 5 per person extra. Groups from 20 to 45 people are also welcomed.

Open from Thursday at noon till Sunday at noon
more details on the WEBSITE of "La Péniche"

Restaurant la Péniche
route de Calais
62340 Guînes
tél : 03 21 34 06 57

De Panne (BE)
November 10, 2010

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